Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Physician's Kit Was a No-Brainer

When introduced to doTERRA by my cousins, I knew right away that the Physician's Kit was a no-brainer. That was the kit I wanted to start my essential oil journey with.

After enrolling, I was SO anxious to get the oils. 

They're oils! 
WHY am I getting all excited about oils???? 

But I was excited. I kept wondering why they weren't delivered yet. I was going nuts!
And within a few days, my kit was here.

I wanted to use them so badly.....but how? 
I didn't have any ailments at the moment. 

I started reading the Product Guide and learned that I don't have be ill, or in pain, to use the oils. You can also use the oils as a preventive measure to keep yourself healthy, or aid in making your body healthier.

Aha! It was all starting to come together now.

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