Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Helping with Shoulder Pain

So I have to share ....yesterday I met with a lady that was having pain in her shoulders that's so bad, she is going to physical therapy. But she's also taking several types of medications. Obviously, the meds weren't working and she was afraid of all the side effects.
I asked her to try Deep Blue. She rubbed it on one shoulder. Then asked for another drop and rubbed it on the other shoulder. We continued talking about her condition and the other oils that I had with me. She finally realized that she felt much better. The Deep Blue was soothing and immediately lifted her spirits.

A few minutes later she asked to try a drop of the Slim and Sassy, which she loved. She wanted these oils on the spot. I told her that I don't currently have stock, but she can order them through my site AT a discount!
I logged into my account and noticed that she placed an order shortly after we parted. She's happy, feels better about her recovery, and I feel good being able to help someone in a holistic manner.

Have you tried Deep Blue? 

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