Thursday, December 4, 2014

Get Rid of the Sniffles

I was up late working one night. Hubby was asleep since he had to go into the shop early
the next morning. My son was up in his room playing Minecraft. (He's allowed to play on 
Friday nights.)

He kept sniffling. I finally went into his room and checked on him. It wasn't bad, but I
didn't want it to escalate, so I pulled out the oils. He enjoys the mini massage he gets with the oils.

On Guard on his feet, while I applied Breathe on his chest and back. They were diluted with
FCO of course. He went to sleep shortly after and slept pretty sound.

The next morning he woke up just fine. He wasn't sniffly at all. A good night's rest and
some natural defense got rid of his sniffles.

What protocol do you use on your kids when they have the sniffles?

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