Monday, January 19, 2015

Deep Blue Rid Me of Neck Pain

On Saturday I woke up with some pain in my neck and right trap area.
I figured I just slept funny and went about my day. While at the shop,
it was really starting to annoy me. Figured a good night's sleep would
make it go away....but boy was I WRONG.

I felt it whenever I woke up during the night. Sunday morning I decided 
to make a roller ball with Deep Blue and FCO, so I could bring it to the
shop with me. I applied it before leaving the house.

I got to the shop and applied it 3 times within the hour. 

As they say...

                 a little bit, often, is BEST when using essential oils. 

And within that hour, I felt SO much better. I was able to turn my head from 
side to side without any pain. I applied it a few more times throughout the 
day, just in case.

I was definitely happy because I workout Monday through Friday. Mondays 
are shoulders and traps day, and I couldn't miss a training session. Thank
goodness for Deep Blue.

It's now Monday and I still feel fine, even after my workout.

How has Deep Blue worked for you?

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