Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Rollerball Recipe for Headache Relief

I had drill this weekend and Saturday was a VERY long day.
I was tired and had a headache, but I didn't bring my oils with me.
I was hating life at that moment. As soon as I got home I took some
over-the-counter pills. I showered, ate and just went to bed. I just
felt SO bad. When I woke up, I felt a bit of still lingering and was
dreading the rest of that drill day.

Low and behold, I did it again! I forgot my oils and got another
headache at work. I tried not to take anything, but I went to the
medicine cabinet and took 2 more over-the-counter pills. It took a 
while to kick in, but eventually my headache went away.

Both times I felt SO guilty for taking these pills. This wasn't me.
I don't take pills.

I made this rollerball rememdy and now keep it in my purse so it is
always with me. Usually just peppermint works for me, but when I feel
a strong one coming on, then I add lavender.

I definitely feel much better knowing that I'll always have this
rollerball within arms reach. It will help my headaches, release a 
pleasing aroma and provide natural benefits. There are many recipes 
out there, but this one works for me.

What is your favorite headahce recipe?

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