Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Location for On-Point Machining

Phew! It's been a few months. 
See? I told you I wouldn't be consistent with posts.

We've been quite busy, which is an AWESOME problem to have. Orders have been coming in at a rapid and consistent rate, and I couldn't be any happier.

But the biggest announcement is that.....


Yes, it was time. 
We needed more space in order to grow. 
We made the jump. 
We did it. 

But it was tricky. While prepping for the move, we didn't want to disrupt production, so we had to balance the 2 tasks. It was very tiring, but got it done. The first machine was under power within a day and we were back to making parts on day 2.

The place is still in the works and will be for a while. As we get a moment here and there, we are unpacking and finding new homes for everything. But priority is to keep making parts

Not sure how, but we even gained a couple of new clients during this time. (Yay!) 
Not to mention the increase in orders from a couple of our current clients.
For me, it just confirms that this was a move in the right direction for our business.

Again, please note the change in our address.

On-Point Machining
520 Garcia Avenue, Unit A
Pittsburg, CA 94565

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